The Current Nigerian Health Status

​The current Nigerian health status is that we are all sick as a people and no one is bothered with the eventual consequences.

Unless a nation is healthy, nothing good can come out of it. And Nigeria is currently one of the most unhealthy nations on this planet.

What is now the health norm is to coexist with mentally unstable people with no hope for a cure.

Which means each passing day drags them to the verge of complete insanity.

And the government when it comes to the blame game deserves the largest share.

The current Nigerian health status that is a mixture of mental insanity, malnutrition and food poisoning is tied closely to the actions and inactions of the Nigerian government.

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The politicians don’t bother over the health status of the people or the nation like they would their ambition to win elections.

Theirs, is to steal and take the corruption game to a whole new level never even before comprehended by the Italian mafia.

It is their fault that Nigeria and

Nigerians are now as sick as an HIV victim still condemned to the fields of hard labour.

Nigerian Health Status,

Mental Insanity

The Nigerian people , majority of them if not all of them are now victims of one mental issue or the other.

But what do you expect when as a people, the fire of hope can no longer born bright because of how the country is run.

Hope is no longer readily available. In its place is a constant desperation to survive that has poisoned the minds of the people against themselves.

Anger and suspicion is now the watchword which in itself speaks of a people that is not at peace.

A people not at all happy with life or where they are located in life.

The absence of peace and happiness has become the basis of the mental anguish that now characterises the mental decay developing the Nigerian people.

Little wonder why from one part of the country to the other, this current health status is expressed through pockets of chaos, barbarism and deliberate apathy for goodwill.

Thecurrent Nigerian health status if not remedied would see the people completely fall off the cliff.

“it is speculated that 64 million Nigerians suffer from one form of mental illness or the other”

And that is alarming!

What we can get from this is that a lot of Nigerians are depressed. Depression is part of the current Nigerian Health status.

And there is no government intervention to help out but rather what we are offered, are more reasons to mentally implode.

Nigerian Health Status,


Undernutrition a occurs when people do not eat (or absorb) enough nutrients to cover their needs for energy and growth, or to maintain a healthy immune system.

This would define a lot of Nigerians and the foods their tables can afford.

Undernutrition is part of the current Nigerian Health status and it is not ending anytime soon.

People feed on quantity instead of quality and for this reason they fall sick so easily, watching as their physical form becomes compromised without any hope in sight.

Malnutrition is a factor when it comes to how unhealthy Nigerians have become in recent years.

And both children and adults are victims to this nutritional evil.

Undernutrition is one of the most important public health problems, affecting more than 900 million individuals around the World. It is responsible for the highest mortality rate in children and has long-lasting physiologic effects, including an increased susceptibility to fat accumulation mostly in the central region of the body, lower fat oxidation, lower resting and postprandial energy expenditure, insulin resistance in adulthood, hypertension, dyslipidaemia and a reduced capacity for manual work, among other impairments.
Food Poisoning

Another angle to the current Nigerian Health status is the issue of Food Poisoning.

Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating contaminated food. It’s not usually serious and most people get better within a few days without treatment.

But the focus is different with this one. Food poisoning in this context is not about eating contaminated foods.

It is about eating foods that are bad for ones health and not just contaminated foods.

In Nigeria people eat foods to survive each passing moment even if the food itself means a reduction of their life span.

For instance it is hard to remove saturated fats from our foods because it is amonh the most available and cheapest.

It is said that carbs are no good for diabetes and other issue’s but yet even though we are aware of this fact, we still eat carbs three times a day.

We poison ourselves with foods because we have no choice. These bad pattern of feeding is all we can afford.

And again, the Nigerian government is the major reason why we are this sick as a people.


The current Nigerian Health status is one of sickness and diseases and is based on.

1. Lack of Peace and happiness

2. Depression and mental anguish

3. Undernutrition

4. Food Poisoning

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