The Truth About The Nigerian Health Situation

​The current Nigerian Health situation is so bad that there is hardly anything to write home about, at least from the poor mans perspective.

I said the poor mans perspective because it is the poor that are left with the consequences of every bad decision in the Nigerian Health sector.

While the rich can afford to look else where for their personal remedy, this is not the case for the average Nigerian.

On this post, the idea is to list out some Nigerian health situation(s) that affects the average Nigerian on a daily.

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1. The average Nigerian cannot afford to visit any hospital for treatment.

2. Paracetamol’s and blood capsules are the easiest drugs at their disposal used for every kinds of symptoms.

3. Nigerian hospitals are operating “payment first”, which has seen a lot of Nigerians die because they lack funds to save their life while doctors and nurses watched on as if human life has become nothing.

4. A lot of Nigerians are unhealthy because of lack of food and nothing else. Lack of proper nutrients has seen their immune system collapse into disrepair.

5. The Nigerian Health sector does not have any workable health insurance policies that involves the poor getting any form of proper health value services.

6. Even for the rich, the Nigerian Health sector is so inadequate that India is now the preferred place to get medical surgeries and break through.

7. Nigerian hospitals are ill equipped. Even in the area of drugs. A situation where paracetamol is the only drug your hospital card can get you.

8. The Nigerian Health sector is characterized by fraud of all kind. The federal hospitals for examples do have access to drugs from the government, but these drugs ate often siphoned by doctors working there to their own private hospitals.

The government is to be held responsible for the bad state of the Nigerian Health sector as well as doctors and nurses who now take more joy in watching people die rather than save them.

Unless they take quick action the Nigerian Health situation might become another full time national embarrassment.

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