The Relationship Between Fatherhood And Some Extra Body Weight

​Did you know that with fatherhood comes some extra body weight?

It would seem that when it comes to body weight many reasons can just set it off and before you know it, you might have become too fat to fit into them jeans.

According to a study by Northwestern University, physicians noted that men gain an average of 1.5 to 2 kilogrammes after becoming first-time fathers while their single counterparts lose weight over the same time period.

“A typical 1.83-metre man who lived with the child gained an average of 1.99 kilos after becoming a first-time dad.

Some extra body weight,

“A father who did not live with the child gained about 1.5 kilos. And men of the same height who did not become fathers actually lost 0.64 kilos,’’ it stated.

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Dr Craig Garfield, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said the weight gain was attributed to changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

“You have new responsibilities when you have your kids and may not have time to take care of yourself the way you once did in terms of exercise.

“We all know dads who clean their kids’ plates after every meal.’’

So if you are a new dad and would like to retain those abs and not fall victim to some extra body weight then you better walk the extra meal in catering for the kids and still cater for thou self.

“For men who become fathers, their whole life changes,” Garfield said. They may sleep less, exercise less, and experience more stress — all of which can lead to weight gain, he said.Believe me, some extra body weight is all it takes to start looking unhealthy.

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