Can God Cure HIV AIDS?

​I know the question sounds like that of someone who have no belief in but the truth is I do, and the question: “Can God Cure AIDS?” Is not intended to raise doubt but bring awareness of God in the healing of diseases.

This is a health blog, and while I am convinced that man has come a long way in handling his own body defects.

I still believe that God is and would always be the greatest physician.

The reason for this post is to bring to the fore front a prevailing believe that there is no cure for .

Many would claim that they believe in God but when it comes to God’s ability to cure HIV , what you get is a resounding doubt.

Maybe the reason why there are very few stories of HIV AIDS through God is because people don’t believe enough for God to start making that miracle in their Lives.

I believe with God everything is possible, even the miracle to cure HIV AIDS.

It is this believe that is now promoting me to scout the internet for stories of Gods cure on the matter.

What you read below would be the result of that effort, stories culled from those who believe for a cure and it happen.

Read on.

Can God Cure HIV AIDS Testimony 1

Healed from AIDS

This is a testimony of the restoration of an entire family including AIDS and asthma.

“ Y ou’d better brace yourself for what I am about to tell you,” I said to a friend of mine as we drove along a road in town. He assured me he could take anything I said to him – but when I told him what I’m about to tell you – he nearly wrecked the car!

My wife and I just became serious Christians in August last year. My wife was brought up as a Catholic and I as an Anglican would periodically go to Church on Sundays as we had time (like we were taught to do by our parents a long time ago). It was just a religious function but God remained more or less a distant hazy concept. I was not always like that. In my younger days I had confessed Christ at a young age but somewhere in High School, I abandoned the faith.

Last April, everything was looking pretty good in our lives. My wife was expecting our second child and although our son was showing symptoms of asthma we were hopeful that he would outgrow it.

But then one day in December as I was returning from a business trip, my wife met me at the airport with terrible news. During a routine pregnancy check up, her doctor had administered an HIV test along with other blood-work. The HIV test came back POSITIVE! The doctor wanted to begin administering drugs immediately but the cost of these drugs here when compared to our family income was prohibitive.

I was stunned… Our life was basically over! If my wife had it, it was a foregone conclusion that I had it too. There is a high infection rate of AIDS here in Nigeria (about 40% in urban centers) and social stigmatization is high. When you add to that – the cost of drugs for us, and our boy’s asthma – this was literally – a death sentence for my entire family!

“…This was literally – a death sentence for my entire family!”

Just when I thought that things couldn’t get any worse, my son began having life threatening asthma attacks. We didn’t know what to do, and didn’t know where to go for help. I lost all hope and began thinking of suicide.

I began searching for information on AIDS and asthma on the Internet when it hit me that our situation was clearly way beyond any earthly intervention. So, in desperation I entered the search words “Faith” and “Healing” and the first article I clicked open was “ Faith and Healing” by Tim Greenwood!

We both read this powerful article – a testimony of Tim’s healing from

his death sentence of terminal heart disease. PLUS, in it – Tim taught ‘step-by-step’ how he, by believing and applying what the Bible said about healing, received complete healing. Now, we desperately wanted to believe that what Tim taught – would work for us. So, during a particularly bad asthma attack one night – we put the teaching to work for our son.

Immediately all asthma symptoms left our son – and did not return!

Our son was healed! Our faith soared! For the first time we now believed that nothing was going to hold us back! We wrote for Tim’s free book “ Walking In Faith ,” sent in a prayer request and began devouring every article on the Tim Greenwood Ministries (TGM) website ( ). Plus, Tim’s wife began corresponding with us via email, teaching and encouraging us!

My wife’s condition was rather desperate especially with the baby coming. We did not have time to mull this over any longer. We had to believe and act and act now! I went in for HIV testing believing and confessing that the test results would be negative. With the devil screaming in my ear that the test would be positive – as an act of faith, I bought a card for my doctor and wrote in it “Thank you for your help and assistance. I have collected my results and they are negative,” and I sealed the envelope.

When I got the results at the lab counter I wanted to hug the elderly lady. NEGATIVE! Thank you God! I was healed!

Ok, we had come this far by the encouragement we got from the emails and numerous articles from the TGM website. Given my suicidal thoughts when we first learned of the diagnosis and the great hope we now had, I was evident that God had clearly worked at least two miracles in our lives. Now we all focused in on healing for my wife.

We kept praying. The matter became more or less a prayer for a good report from her next set of lab tests, and standing in faith that our child will breasted as it was God’s wish for babies to breast feed, and that my wife will not have to take any drugs on account of another negative lab test.

Daily we got into serious praise, worship and prayers in our bedroom for at least one hour. In the morning, our alarm clock is set to 5am, giving as a minimum of another one hour of prayer, praise and worship before I would start to prepare to go to work. We worked this system both weekdays and weekends. We now knew and believed what the Bible said about our healing, the importance of what we say and act on our faith.

In the next visit to the doctor, the doctor was quite adamant – my wife would have to start on the drugs. My wife was just as adamant. She told the doctor about my results, and that she was no longer infected with AIDS. He was quite candid – patients once they tested positive on this test – remained positive. But we knew that we are not ordinary; we are children of GOD, healed by the stripes of Jesus, praise and glory to His mighty Name! And, rather than argue, the doctor agreed to do fresh HIV tests on my wife.

All the tests came back negative!

My wife was healed!

Needless to say the doctor had a hard time explaining this. But we know our God is our healer: He healed our son, my wife and myself—also our baby (who we named after Tim’s wife) was born completely healthy.

As you might guess, this was a head-spinning day. We kept smiling at everyone and at home we could not sleep. We nearly prayed and praised the whole night and will continue to do so. From no hope to great faith! From a death sentence, to life and life more abundantly! 1

FG, Nigeria (2002)

Can God Cure HIV AIDS Testimony 2

Healed from HIV/AIDS with weeks to live.

My name is Rebecca John and I am from Kimbe, West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. I am a Spirit-filled member of the Revival Fellowship PNG, Port Moresby Assembly.

I was one of those millions of people around the world suffering from HIV/AIDS and God healed me completely when I first heard and obeyed the Bible truth of repentance, baptism by full emersion and receiving of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

I was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2004 when my body failed to recover from malaria treatment that I received from my doctor. When I did not recover from the malaria treatment I received, my doctor requested me to get tested for HIV/AIDS, which I agreed. When my blood test result was ready, my doctor called me up and asked me to go to his clinic to collect it. I went and sat in front of him eagerly to hear the result. He quietly told me with a soft voice, “my sister I am very sorry to reveal to you that you have the HIV/AIDS virus in your blood”. Upon hearing this news, I was shocked, confused, weakened, angry with my self, and very much afraid that I was going to die. I had no hope and felt useless. All these negative feelings quickly suppressed my body immune system and my body started to deteriorate quickly with physical signs of rapid weight loss, hairs falling off, sores and peeling off of my flesh, fingernails and toe nails. I couldn’t walk and was bed-ridden for many months.

I had only few weeks to live when a brother from the Revival Fellowship Port Moresby Assembly witnessed me of the Bible truth of restoration and healing by the power of God through repentance, baptism and receiving of the Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in other tongues. I did not hardened my heart because I was in great pain and needed help immediately so I followed God’s Bible instructions to be saved both physically and spiritually. On the 11th of April 2004 I repented and got baptized by full emersion. As soon as I came out of the waters of baptism, I received God’s Holy Spirit with Bible evidence of Speaking in other Tongues. When I received the Holy Spirit, God restored all my body strength and I started walking again. I stayed truly committed in the Lord in fellowship and after few weeks I regained my body weight, all sores on my body disappeared, my hairs started to grow again, my finger and toe nails started to grow again, and my whole body and soul was fully healed and restored back to normal by the power of God.

After almost a year in the fellowship, I went back to the hospital to get my blood tested again for HIV/AIDS. The doctors were amazed when my first blood test result came back negative. They asked me to go back again for another test after 3 months, which I did and the result came back negative. The doctors could not believe still, and again they asked me to go for the final test after 6 months. I did, and again the result came negative.


Praise God.

HIV Aids,
Can God Cure HIV AIDS Testimony 3

FLORENCE, KY—Eric Gonyon is an administrative assistant to Rodney Howard-Browne when the revival team is on the road. Eric was not raised in church but the words of a man who witnessed to him for five years finally took hold one day.

Eric Gonyon was an E-2 in the Navy and made about $11,000 a year. When he left the Navy he did very well in the business he had chosen. He met his sweetheart, Jennifer, who was an organist at the Lutheran church in West Palm Beach, Florida. “We were together in business and we were doing very well. I finally accepted Christ in my life and proposed to Jennifer to be married. As we went to get our blood tests and had planned the wedding with all the invitations going out, we received the most horrible news a young couple in love could receive. “Eric’s blood test came back as HIV positive. We both approached Jennifer’s parents and told them the news.” Jennifer’s mother advised her not to marry Eric, but Jennifer made a decision to marry because of the deep love she felt for Eric. She felt as if God had given her the perfect person to love; she didn’t want to look for another person. Somehow, she knew, God could take care of any situation.

Healed In A Luthern Church

Eric’s wife was one of the greatest assets to the business they were in. Her ability in marketing and Eric’s ability to sell brought the two amazing wealth. The problem of Eric’s being HIV positive was still there and every so often Eric would go for a T-cell count. When the T-cell count gets too low full blown AIDS begins to take its toll on a person’s life. Eric maintained a normal level of T-cells and experienced no outward signs of being HIV positive. Eric said, “It was amazing how God moved in my life. I couldn’t figure it out why I would find out that I am HIV positive a week after I accepted Christ into my life.

“I didn’t know a whole lot about the Bible. At our church, it was announced that we were going to have a healing service according to James 5:13-15: Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms. Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up, and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. I didn’t even know healing was in the Bible. When you have an incurable disease, all you have is God. As the priest came forward I felt the heat on the oil as he anointed me and prayed over me in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. As the warm oil touched my skin I could feel something happen inside of me.

“I went to the doctor that week and asked him to retest me for HIV. When he asked me why, I told him that God had healed me. At first he hesitated at doing it but I pressed him to do the test. It takes about two weeks to get the results from the test. I returned to the doctor’s in two weeks to receive the news that my test showed me to be HIV negative. The test verified there was no sign of AIDS. The doctor said it must be a mistake but I was so happy I told him God had healed me. One of the secretaries out front agreed with me about the healing and then I told the doctor to do the test again to be absolutely sure. We received that test back and found out again that I was HIV negative and then a third test finally revealed that I was absolutely free from being HIV positive. This happened in a Lutheran Church and that’s why I have a respect for all denominations. God honored His word in this church and I am very grateful that Jesus healed me. We began to get really hungry for God and while God showed Himself in our church, we felt it necessary to find another church. After visiting several churches, we found a Word church and learned about the Word of God. I had never learned much about tithing. I would give ten dollars in a service and if the preacher was really good I would give 20 dollars. We were making lots of money in our business and I was tipping God in the offering plate. Our church taught on tithing and we began to give. It’s amazing what happened as our business almost doubled over the next few months. God was proving to us that His word is true. God was moving extremely fast in our lives. I went to this Word church for a long time and was never slain in the spirit or really felt a touch of God.

“One thing about my wife, she always asks for prayer no matter what service she is attending. Jennifer and I had been through a lot together and God was tremendously blessing us in our business. We moved to a neighborhood in West Palm Beach, Florida, which was so exclusive that many of the homes had a runway in their backyards and the residents would fly back and forth to work and park their planes in garages near their houses. We had everything we wanted until God threw down another challenge. My life changed after we attended a Rodney Howard-Browne meeting in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Jennifer attended meetings all the time because we had plenty of free time. One day she called me from Lake Charles, Louisiana. She was laughing and I couldn’t make any sense out of her, but I did understand that she wanted me to come to this meeting with this evangelist. I took the next plane out and was in the meeting. Rodney called me out and as he pointed toward me, the power of God hit me and I was bent over. We have never been the same and God began to deal with me about going to Bible School. I really didn’t want to go so I began to write all the reasons why I should and I shouldn’t go to Bible School. All of a sudden the power of God hit me and I began to look at the paper. First I started to weep and then I started to cry and then I couldn’t stop laughing. God gave me my answer and with that we sold all that we had and went into the ministry.” Eric and Jennifer serve as ministry assistants to Rodney Howard-Browne in revival when he travels. 3

There are many stories on the net. Stories of faith and healing through the power of God.

Believe is a very strong factor when it comes to miracles and this post is intended to help continue believing in God not just to cure HIV AIDS but also for other areas in your life.

Source: Google Search

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