Do You Know Your HIV AIDS Status?

Nigerian Health Blog-Do you know your HIV AIDS status?

When last did you bother to go for a test to recheck your HIV AIDS status?

A lot of people in Nigeria today hate the idea of going for an HIV AIDS test.

They usually wait it out until taken down by sickness and uncertain of the cause, the need to ascertain the source of their broken immune system drives them to the lab for testing.

Because of this attitude a lot of Nigerians are walking around with HIV AIDS without knowing.

Thus distributing the disease to unsuspecting victims.

It is important that you know your HIV AIDS status because an early diagnosis would help you deal with the disease from its earliest point and also save other members of the society.

Personally, I was among those Nigerians who wouldn’t dare go to the hospital primarily for an HIV AIDS test.

Even while in Ekiti during my NYSC camping, I still did not bring myself to test for HIV AIDS despite the abundance of free testing units on camp.

But three months later, after service, crippled with an unknown sickness I would finally go in for checkup.

Know your HIV AIDS status,
Which came out Negative.

Ever since then I have become an advocate of “Know Your HIV AIDS Status” because it better that way.

If for nothing else it would save you from the mental torture of not knowing.

And suffering unnecessarily when the cause of your present ailment is nothing but an ordinary infection.

I know how my suspicion of not knowing brought out symptoms that I normally should have had no business with.

Do the needful, save yourself and others by periodically testing yourself for HIV AIDS.


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