Is Intermittent Fasting Good Or Bad For You?

Nigerian Weight Loss Blog-Intermittent fasting  good or bad result as a thought is a valuable topic for reflection.

It is true that intermittent fasting is generally good for many health reasons.

And it is also true that not everyone can go for hours without food and not fall ill.

If you find yourself in such a category, then please by all means stay away from intermittent fasting.

If you are healthy and with the right body weight, you can also stay away from it.

There are other means through which you can continue maintaining your already balanced health status.

The fact is, intermittent fasting good or bad outcome is dependent mostly on you as a person.

Intermittent fasting good or bad,
Some people need more food to become healthy and not the other way round.

For instance it is true that intermittent fasting can boost your testosterone levels as well as that of your human growth hormone.

But if you are already malnourished and can’t afford proper healthy meals then please stay away from it.

Most people in Nigeria have more access to all kinds of carbohydrates but lack other food groups.

Such persons in my opinion should not partake in this practice.

It does not make sense to crave for an healthy life and groan through it all. If you can never come to adjust to the lifestyle, then substitute it for other health methods that can give you same results.

The issue of intermittent fasting good or bad outcome will always be as a result of your follow through, meal situations and current health status.

If other health departments in your life adds up then intermittent fasting would surely be good for you.

But if not, then work on the other areas in your life before embarking on IF or it would be a very bad experience for you.

And before I go, don’t involve yourself with this practice if sick, treat your ailments first.

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