Nigerian HIV Prevalence By States 2017/2018

Nigerian Health Blog-The Nigerian HIV Prevalence by states numbers is among the most important numerics any Nigerian should have in their heads as the fight against HIV AIDS progresses.

So today without much ado I present to you the Nigerian HIV prevalence states 2016/2017.

Check them out.
1st- Rivers.    15.2%.

2nd-  Taraba.   10%.

3rd- Kaduna. 9.2%.

4th- Nasarawa with 8.1%

5th- FCT with 7.5%

6th – Akwa Ibom with 6.5%

7th – Sokoto with 6.4%

8th – Oyo/Benue with 5.6%

9th – Yobe with 5.3%

10th – Cross River with 4.4%

11th – Ondo with 4.3%

12th – Gombe with 3.4%

13th- Abia with 3.3%

14th – Bayelsa with 2.7%

15th – Osun with 2.6%

16th – Imo with 2.5%

17th – Borno with 2.4%

18th – Plateau with 2.3%

19th – Lagos with 2.2%

20th – Jigawa with 2.1%

Nigerian HIV Prevalence by states,
21st – Adamawa with 1.9%

22nd – Kwara with 1.4%

23rd – Kogi wth 1.4%

24th – Kano with 1.3%

25th – Enugu with 1.3%

26th – Niger with 1.2%

27th – Anambra with 1.2%

28th – Ebonyi with 0.9%

29th – Kebbi with 0.8%

30th – Edo with 0.8%

31st – Delta with 0.7%

32nd – Ogun with 0.6%

33rd – Bauchi with 0.6%

34th – Zamfara with 0.4%

35th – Ekiti with 0.2%

I would advice you hold unto this list of Nigerian HIV prevalence by states figures, for as they say knowledge is power.

 nigerian hiv prevalence by states

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