The Early Origin Of Intermittent Fasting

The origin of intermittent fasting has become tied to recent health discoveries and trends.

But it is much older than the recent claims and findings that is making new converts on a daily basis.

In fact, the origin of intermittent fasting can be traced back into time when our human ancestors were nothing but mere nut gatherers and hunters.

A period when food was not as abundant as our present day society now have as a fixed reality.

During those times it would take them days before a kill is made which is then shared among the tribe.

These were in turn shared in portions to last them for days with fasting taking the larger space of their daily clock.

On some days they would go hunting and come back with nothing. And it was just normal to wait until the next day to see if Providence would bless their efforts.

Origin of intermittent fasting,

The next day might come with the same hard luck and instead of meat they would have to go in search of nuts to feed on.

It was this ancient eating pattern that kept them lean and agile and it is the same eating pattern that has now being discovered to possess the  ability to increase fat oxidation, reduce body weight, and accelerate fat loss.

Our ancestors had to search for foods to eat, and when they did, had to share it into small portions that would last them for days.

It was necessitated by scarcity and it became part of our evolutionary timeline.

Which means there was always for them a time for feasting and a time for fasting. One or two meals a day was enough to keep them healthy and nourished.

On days when they had to go on without foods for hours, the stored fat on their body from days of feasting was all they would have to lean on as source of energy.

This form of life left a genetic blueprint with key information pertaining to our health and wellbeing.

Meaning, it became the best way for our bodies to maintain itself. Overeating was never the norm and will never be.

The very reason why too much eating destroys the body with excess fat which in turn brings into the picture diseases.

This evolutionary journey from thousand years of  acute food scarcity led our bodies to develop a protective mechanism to adapt to alternating phases of food abundance and scarcity.

So you see, the origin of intermittent fasting is as old as mankind.

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