Why Intermittent Fasting Is Good For Your Weight Loss Plan

A lot of people have not yet familiarized themselves with the healthy trend now known as Intermittent Fasting or (IF).

If you are one of such persons then I would advice you to read this Post to teach you exactly what IF is.


It is true that we need calories and without it we would lack the energy to go through life as we should.

But that is not enough reason to overload on it. The very reason for weight gain and the many diseases that comes with it.

Most people pack on excessive calories and even before they are used up, more calories are added.

The body is never allowed to use it up before it is again filled. This is where intermittent fasting comes into the picture.

After using what it needs our body’s stores up the remaining calories. To be used later.

Something that rarely happens these days.

And because of this, the body keeps on piling up the extra calories and the result is the increase in body weight.

With Intermittent Fasting your body would get the chance to expend its fat storage before another intake of calories.

With a 16/8 method where you fast from 8pm to 12 noon the next day before eating between 12 noon to 8pm at night.

What ever excess calorie you eat, would be expended during the 16 hours period during which you would be without any food.

In other words intermittent fasting would allow your body to use up calories as it was meant to, without storing any excess.

That way you don’t get to add excess body fat. Which means you would be able to maintain a lean form easily.

As I would always advice, during the eating window, eat healthy, eat good fats, good carbs and you would see your extra body fats drop off by themselves.

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