Why You Cannot Separate God From Nigerian Health Issues

There is no separating God from issues.

It is impossible.

One accepted fact is that Nigerians are very religious people.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. From academic issues to health issues, comes first.

God is the no.1 in every field and Nigerians have learnt to call him even in matters they can comfortable handle with their eyes close.

And when it comes to Nigerian health issues, it is more important than ever to call upon the most high.

But why is it this way?

Why wont the people separate God from Nigerian health issues despite the many presence of both government and private hospitals?

The sad truth is, the  care system in Nigeria is an expensive luxury that a lot of Nigerians cannot afford.

So it is not surprising to see Nigerians praying for a miracle when what is needed is a session in the intensive care unit.

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Thus, poverty is the core reason why you cannot demarcate God from Nigerian Health issues.

With no money to pay hospital bills, bringing God into the equation is the only way out.

But apart from poverty and the need for God to do wonders in other to avert the serious consequence from their financial drought.

A lot of Nigerians will always bring God into their health matters because of faith or the belief in God and miracles.

This is why even when admitted to a very capable hospital, cries for speedy can still be heard from the patients ward.

Here in Nigeria the believe in science is weak when compared against the spiritual.

Most Nigerians would rather believe that witches and not viruses, infections or are responsible for a sick relative.

Thus even before a doctor is called, a pastor is made the first reference point.

But then who can blame them when the threat from witchcrafts is too real to be ignored.

But personally the fact that God cannot be separated from Nigerian Health issues is a good thing.

Because at the end of the day God is able and capable no matter the situation.

After all, God is responsible for the foods of the soils, our body and ultimately LIFE itself.

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