Olive Oil Arthritis Home Remedy

Olive oil like turmeric and ginger is anti-inflammatory. Its antiinflammatory property is the basis of this olive oil arthritis home remedy.

Studies have shown that a compound in olive oil, called oleocanthal, helps prevents the production of pro-inflammatory COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes – the same way ibuprofen works.

According to Dr. S. Gunasakaran, MBBS, MD, of the Arthritis Foundation, oleocanthal is a natural organic compound isolated from extra virgin olive oil. 

A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in 2015 looked specifically at the benefits of oleocanthal for rheumatoid arthritis . 
Researchers found that this compound had a significant impact not only on chronic inflammation but also on acute inflammatory processes.

In an animal study published in the peer-reviewed journal, PLOSOne in 2014, researchers showed that when virgin olive oil was combined with vitamin D, it protected against bone loss.

The issue is that virgin olive oil has the beneficial properties that can help contain the pains from your arthritis.

Olive oil arthritis home remedy,
An experimental study was performed to study the effect of olecanthal in olive oil on production of nitric oxide in osteoarthritis patients. This study revealed a positive result.

It showed that olecanthal without affecting the cell viability declines the NO synthase (an enzyme that can produce nitric oxide and supports inflammation) in chondrocytes.

Another study demonstrated that extract of olive leaf has anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. In a vitro study, the olive leaf extract reduced the level of TNF-α (cell signaling molecule involved in cytokine production which induced inflammation) production. Hence olive plant has an anti-arthritic property.

This olive oil arthritis home remedy is as simple as ingesting a certain amount of the oil and you would be managing the ailment in the most natural way imagined.
In other words, what you should be aiming for is virgin olive oil. And according to researchers say that about 3 1/2 Tbsp. of the oil is equal to a 200-mg tablet of ibuprofen. 

Do not take too much of it as it contains large amounts of calories and also do not interact with it through high heat.

Remember! Its the extra virgin  olive oil.

Olive oil arthritis home remedy is just as simple as is stated above. Just take some spoonfuls and you would be grateful for it.

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