Viewing Solar Eclipse Without Protection Will Get You Blind

Do you know that viewing the without eye protection will get you blind?

It is like pouring hydrogen peroxide into your eyes.

It is that bad and should be considered a very practice.

The inner dark part of your eye is the target that actually gets damaged. And according to Ralph Chou, an astronomer and ophthalmologist. 

“They will start steaming – you’re actually cooking part of the retina structures with an extended exposure,”
“And as they break down they release a variety of chemicals,” 
“Which in turn attack other structures within the cell and it’s a snowball effect that all this damage creates chemical injuries,”
As for those who dared the consequence and faced the solar eclipse unprotected, Chow cited one terrible example.

“He was an Indian chap who bet his friends a few rupees that he’d be able to look at the partial solar eclipse and still have his vision. And luckily he collected when he went to bed that night because apparently he woke up ,” 
Don’t end up like him.

Photo Credit: WFMY

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