Bronchitis/Pneumonia, Not HIV Now The Leading Cause of Death In Africa

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We all know that when it comes to in , is the biggest and most deadliest threat.

We fear the disease more than anything else, even more than we do such nightmare as witchcraft.

But there is good news! According to WHO HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of in Africa.

Rather respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia are the new lead men in the business of death.

In second place sits HIV/AIDS and closely behind it was listed Diarrhoeal diseases in third place.

In addition to its second place status there was a sharp decrease in the number of HIV deaths.

The numbers as at 2010 was at 1 million deaths while in 2015 it dropped to 760,000.

The 4th place goes to Stroke.

And the fifth goes to ischaemic ( heart attack).


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