Belly Fat According To Studies Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

There are many things that can lead to and it seems is among that list, that is if we are to accept the findings of a new .

According to this study by Michigan State University it was discovered that in the body releases a certain that can cause a non-cancerous cell to turn into a cancerous one. 

“While there have been several advances in treating cancer and improving the quality of life of patients, the number of new cases continues to surge,” said Jamie Bernard, lead author and an assistant professor in pharmacology and toxicology.

“It’s important to understand the cause so we can do a better job at reducing the number of cancer cases using dietary modifications or therapeutic interventions.”

“Our study suggests that body mass index, or BMI, may not be the best indicator,” Bernard said. “It’s abdominal obesity, and even more specifically, levels of a protein called fibroblast growth factor-2 that may be a better indicator of the risk of cells becoming cancerous.”
Studies like this one I believe is aimed at helping you make smart choices and if you are one of those big belly persons out there then this is your cue to make healthy choices and chances.

“There’s always an element of chance in whether a person will get cancer or not,” Bernard said. “But by making smarter choices when it comes to diet and exercise and avoiding harmful habits like smoking, people can always help skew the odds in their favor.”


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