2 Things To Consider When Planning A Nigerian Weight Loss Diet

​– A Nigerian Weight Loss Diet should have very low carbs and saturated fats content.

– A Nigerian Weight Loss Diet must have enough fiber and proteins in it, so as to increase the satiety level of the meals.

– A Nigerian Weight Loss Diet must have lots of vegetable juice and herbal teas in the mix.

There are now different kinds of Nigerian Weight Loss ebooks out there with foods of all sorts designed to help a Nigerian loose weight while still feeding on Nigerian foods.

These ebooks of Nigerian Weight Loss diets would teach you one thing: that you can make your own recipes by mixing the ingredients.

But what most might not teach you is the most important factors you should have in mind when inventing your own Nigerian Weight Loss diet manual.

And that vacuum is what this post is here to fill.

When making your own recipes, have in mind that, both carbohydrates and saturated fats should not feature prominently on the lists of ingredients.

These two food groups are the core of ordinary Nigerian foods. The reason why Nigerian foods are the gate way to excess body fat and eventual obesity.

When it comes to carbohydrates, it is not just about cutting back on simple carbs but making sure you are not taking in too much carbs.

Go for the complex carbs but don’t take more than the required daily amount.

You should cut back on the amount of white rice, white bread on your dinning table.

Simple carbs are considered as bad while complex carbs are the good guys that will help you with your weight loss goals.

The other factor to look at is the saturated fat content of what is to become a Nigerian Weight Loss diet.

It is the saturated fat you find in everyday Nigerian foods that should frighten you.

There is just too much of it.

We cook most of our foods with palm kernel oil. A good source of saturated fats.

If you are planning on scripting your own Nigerian Weight Loss Diet then I advice you to reduce or remove palm kernel oil, as well as coconut oil from your list.

It is an issue because sometimes a Nigerian food is a combination of different saturated fats.

Sources With High Saturated Fats

Processed Meat (Pepperoni)

Nuts ( Brazil )

Cream (Heavy, Whipping)

Cheese (Hard Goat’s)

Fish Oils (Sardine)

Chocolate (Baking Chocolate)

Animal Fats (Suet)


Coconut Oil

Palm kernel Oil

Put this two factors into consideration when making your own Nigerian Weight Loss Diet and you will never go wrong.

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