You Should Make Food Thy Medicine

​-Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food . — Hippocrates

– “Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy” ~Author Unknown

– “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” ~Unknow

– “ Eating crappy food isn’t a reward, it’s a punishment.”― Drew Carey

– “No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.”― Maimonides

The world is no longer a safe place because man is no longer very concern with his own health.

We live in a time when the foods we eat end up doing us more harm than good.

A time when quantity has become more precious than the value of quality.

Our foods are no longer our medicines and our medicines are no longer our food.

Which of course is sad.

Our body is like a super machine and like all machines needs oil so it’s edges don’t wear off.

That’s why we eat. We eat to keep our bodies at its best. Any other consideration is secondary.

While a vehicle needs fuel or such forces to give it the ability to move and carry out actions.

The human body needs food and medicine to do just that.

And both food and medicine can be the same thing only if we choose to eat natural.

Today a lot of people eat processed foods, which only corrupts the health of their vehicles.

Make food thy medicine,

Others just cannot do without fast foods, despite the calories and unhealthy fats.

But imagine a world where we eat food base on the nutritional value that comes with it.

Not just because of the taste but more about its usefulness to our vehicles.

In such instances, food becomes medicine.

There is nothing medicinal about calorie dense foods but yet people are so addicted to it.

Yet would frown at a plate of salad, a meal that is both food and medicine.

They will never desire the blessings of just eating fruits and vegetables for a while even though it would banish their hunger and enrich their vehicles at the same time.

If you are among this lot, take heed, for a time will come when you will find your body breaking down and at that moment wish you had made your food thy medicine.

It is because food is medicine and it is better to treat sicknesses through foods that I created the sub domain health benefits and you would be doing yourself a mighty good to check out the health benefits of foods.

– Eat fruits and vegetables. Make them the bulk of your meals.

– Seek out healthy foods like an adventure would a new clime.

– Do not go for a meal because of the taste but because of the value.

– Eat Responsibly.

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