life Of A Health And Fitness Blogger: Squatting Day 1

I am a health and fitness blogger. And it is not an easy job at all. A time comes when you start feeling like a pastor that must practice what he preaches.

In other words you must follow the different routines you are posting out there for others to follow.

From nutrition to naturally healthy tips, it becomes mandatory that you lead by example.

And that is what I have recently decided upon. To live an heathy life that is so not because I know some health theories but because I practice them.

And today i decided to begin my exercise routines all over again. To maintain a schedule that becomes for me an everyday habit.

I want to become that health and fitness blogger that actually lives by example.

Health and fitness blogger,

That gives out tips that are not just products of other people’s findings but also part of my health journey.

So today I placed my heaviest weight before me and squatted.

Being the first day I went easy on myself. I did a simple routine of 4 set made up of 7 reps each.

I intend to make progressive adjustment as time goes on. And if you are reading this, it would be nice if you can tag along.

Now hold that thought!

I am not a professional when it comes to exercises and squatting in particular but I am no stranger either.

But I intend to learn by putting myself through the various exercise tips out there and then allow my results to inform the posts I make here on my blog.

By following such a method, you and I know that the student can become the teacher and lead others to better results as well.

Eventually it becomes a win win for us all and that’s how I become a real health and fitness blogger.

So stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Men’s Health

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