Some Sugar Statistics Everybody Should Have Knowledge Of

We all love . Because we can easily relate to numbers and through numbers one can fully ascertain the real dangers of consumption in the world.

And right here on this post we shall be putting together some sugar facts I believe we all should have knowledge of.

“It’s nigh on impossible for people to work out how much added sugars they are consuming,” says nutritionist Katharine Jenner, of campaign group Action on Sugar.
But you really need to try.
1. Soda is the leading food source of added sugars for adults ages 18-54.

2. Approximately 80% of packaged contain added sweeteners. 

3. 1/3 of added sugars consumed by adults comes from beverages.

4. Drinking just one can of sugar sweetened soft drink per day with no other dietary changes can lead to an excess of 10 to 15 pounds in one year.

5. A study released in 2014 attributes sugar consumption and only sugar consumption as the cause of tooth decay.

Consumption of Added Sugars Among U.S. Adults, 2005–2010. Retrieved 1 Sept 2017 at

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