Want A Healthy Heart Then Make Sure You Are Sleeping Well

Lack of proper sleeping habits can cause major issues for your health.

There are many associated with poor routine but on this post the focus is on how it affects our heart.

Poor sleep shares a strong link with stroke and reduced blood supply to the heart, a new study suggests.

“Poor sleep ” includes too short or too long sleep, difficulty falling asleep and difficulty maintaining sleep, said lead researcher Dr. Nobuo Sasaki.

“Poor sleep is associated with cardiovascular diseases … but the kind of sleep disturbances that are most risky is not well documented,” said Sasaki, of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council in Japan.

The observational study involved nearly 13,000 men and women living in Hiroshima. These people, average age 68, were registered for a yearly health check. Close to 800 had a history of , angina or other conditions associated with reduced blood flow to the heart. The researchers said 560 had a history of stroke , and about 11,500 had no evidence of .

The volunteers filled out a questionnaire about their sleep habits. Seven possible sleep scores ranged from mild personal views of poor sleep quality to sleep loss that interferes with normal daytime functioning. The higher the score, the worse the participants’ sleep quality, the study authors noted.

According to the study waking up during the night, not sleeping enough and daytime fatigue were all associated with reduced blood flow to the heart. And also trouble falling asleep and reliance on sleeping pills were linked to both coronary artery disease and stroke.

So try as much as you can as to stay asleep as much as is correctly needed.

SOURCE: European Society of Cardiology, news release, Aug. 29, 2017

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