Are You Aware That Happiness Brings Health

They say but what you don’t always hear is the phrase “ is health”.

Happiness is equals to which in turn equals wealth. Happiness is the root of wellbeing that is so universal it covers both our physical and mental state.

It protects them both. It is that insurance policy that states: “no matter the situation all is well”.

A lot of people consider health to be physical wellness alone and this is a very big error.

Physical wellness is only part of the health puzzle. A man might have his body in best performance but have a mental state that is just too imbalanced.

Too fragile to stand against the storm of life. Too fragile to survive when life becomes a never ending series of hardship.

People can choose to be happy no matter their physical condition. And the basis for it is always beyond physical explanations.

When we are happy it means that we are holding unto positive emotions instead of negative ones.

It means we are not bothered with the appearance of things but rather motivated mental pictures of what we want in life.

For religious people this is what they describe as faith.

The message this post is attempting to convey is: “seek happiness instead of medicine”.

It doesn’t matter your condition, chose to be happy. Find a means to always stay happy.

When you are happy in life, you become more immune not just against life’s issues but against sickness and .

Positive emotions have been linked with better health, longer life, and greater well-being in numerous scientific studies. On the other hand, chronic anger, worry, and hostility increase the risk of developing , as people react to these feelings with raised blood pressure and stiffening of blood vessels. 
So hey!

One of the true path towards Heath is through happiness.

So seek it out.

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