My Take On Nigerian Weight Loss Teas

There are many Nigerian Weight Loss Teas out there but sincerely I am not a fan.

This is my opinion on these Nigerian weight loss teas now flooding the Nigerian obesity space with promises of six packs and instant weight loss.

First things first, there is no such thing as instant weight loss.

This is just an hype, a deceitful commercial claims to get people to buy slim teas that are nothing to write home about.

Slim teas cannot help you with the physique of your dreams.

Nigerian Weight Loss teas, Nigerian Health blog,

This is because what you see on commercials are pure advertorial lies.

For instance Nigerian celebrity Ini Edo was made an ambassador of a Nigerian Weight Loss tea.

And her face to the slim tea brand has seen a lot of overweight Nigerians buying the product with miraculous expectations at the back of their minds.

Truth be told, the present slim physique of Ini Edo is not a product of slim teas but hardwork or should I say workouts?

Let me be frank, if you like drink a gallon of slim teas everyday and still eat unhealthy foods, from carbs to sugars and never exercise, nothing will change.

Instead, the change you will get, is excess body fat.

The reason why a lot of people would want to reduce their excess body fat is because it is good for ones health.

But drinking slim teas without eating healthy foods, visiting the gym and in general maintaining an healthy lifestyle is not healthy at all.

Forget the hype, the main reason why any slim tea would ever work in the first place is because of workouts, dieting and proper nutrition.

Nigerian Weight Loss teas, Nigerian Health blog,

Abandon them and no matter the Nigerian Weight Loss teas and the celebrity fronting it.

You will only end up in the obese department.

Also, instead of going for these harsh slim teas with contents that are often concealed from public knowledge.

Why not go for natural teas like Ginger teas (homemade), Green teasLipton Black teas and the many many others out there.

You don’t need any expensive Nigerian Weight Loss teas to get ripped.

Follow a good workout, diet and healthy food regime and I promise you, when combined with any natural teas, your overweight issues would gradually find the exit.

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