Being Overweight And The Inferiority Complex That Comes With It

Being overweight comes with many side effects but not all are openly allowed on our discussion menu.

Apart from the obviously unhealthy side effect to our physical form, there is another angle to the whole matter.

And that is the unhealthy side effect to the mind.

A lot of persons are victims to abuse and constant insults. Their condition has made them targets for unnecessary ridicule.

They are even made to sometimes suffer from social isolation, one in which with every extra pounds added a friend is lost or a social barrier erected.


Eventually they become a victim to inferiority complex. Too shy to even live their life.

Most of them because of how bad it became, had to take their own life.

If you are overweight and your life is now nothing but shame and pains, believe me when I tell you, that allowing inferiority complex into the equation is a very bad move.

Inferiority complex would only destroy you.

It will become that thick wall preventing you from going out there and reclaim your life.

Some persons are so messed up that they can’t even visit the gym because they don’t want people to talk about them.

A move that has made the overweight condition for a lot of people worse.

Inferiority complex would lock you in your room and with nothing to do, the boredom or self pity would make you binge on unhealthy just to keep yourself happy. In other words, it will lead to overfeeding.

Dont allow vain people steal your dignity, ruin your life and condemn you to a small space because they don’t like how you look.

It all begins in the mind, whether or not we are accepted or whether we succeed begins and ends with how we see ourselves.

See yourself in the shape you want and not as some overweight human with bags of emotional issues.

Walk your mile while ignoring their side talks, eventually they would all hush up and leave you alone.

Take your self not just to the gym but outdoors in general and trust, that true companionship would find find you no matter your size.

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