Fast Food, The Reason Why Lots Of Nigerians Can’t Loose Weight

​– contains too much sodium, unhealthy fats and .

-Fast food is nothing more but junk food.

-Fast food would make you fatter with each passing day.

– Fast food is like the fuel and excess body weight is like the harmattan fires .

Not just in Nigeria, but also in every other parts of the world. The dependence of fast food is on the rise and through it more and more people are getting obese.

The main reason why fast foods has become an addictive for lots of people is due to the fact that it is cheap and fast to access.

With that being said let us take a look into why fast food is bad for your goals and why it is actually making it impossible.

Reasons Why Fast Food Is Bad

You are not responsible for its preparation which means the outcome is dependent on someone’s else’s hygienic standards.

You cannot tell what has gone into the preparation of the meal. What you get is a finished meal with no measurement of its caloric content .

Why You Should Stay Off Fast Foods

Sodium Content

The salt content of lots of fast foods is very high and in case you don’t know too much salt can lead to.

  1. Obesity
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Osteoporosis.
  4. Bowel Cancer

Base on these facts we should be responsible for the amount of salt that finds its way into our meals, a choice that is never made available with fast foods.

For example while the recommended sodium daily allowance is 1200 mg.

Somewhere in America.

  1. A KFC Double Down sandwich contains 1880 mg of sodium. Similarly.
  2. A McDonald’s Angus bacon and cheese contain 2070 mg of sodium.

While over here in Nigeria the sodium levels might even be a bit above these examples.

And for most people the three meals of the say is definitely going to be out from a fast food joint.

Taking in too much salt as result of over indulgence.

Types of fats

Too Much Unhealthy Fat

Do you know that your usual fas food contains too much saturated fat? A fact that is easy to make out with all the animal products and cooking oils.

Saturated fat is known for its ability to sustain.

  1. Elevated levels of in the blood. Leading to..
  2. Heart attack,
  3. Stroke
  4. Peripheral vascular diseases .

And worse on the fat issue is the presence of trans fat that we don’t need at all and which can lead to serious increase in bad (LDL ) cholesterol while decreasing good (HDL) cholesterol at the same time.

Too Much Calories

I think this fact is quite obvious by now. People who visit fast food joints on adaily are almost on.the obese side of things.

There is just too much calories in.the chow from fast food joints, far exceeding tue Daily allowance of 400-600 calories.

To help you get an estimate of how much calories ate in a fast food chow, I shall be citing an American example.

  1. A KFC chicken pot pie has 790 calories

And as we know that pot pie is definitely going to find an accomplice in the form of a can drink which would also contain its own share of calories.

Bottom Line

Fast food is unhealthy and would make you gain too much fat. If fast foods are your only source of energy and nutriment then no matter your gym visitations, you will always remain fat.

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