The Problem With The Nigerian Weight Loss Goals

Whether you know it or not there are goals scattered over the country like the mosquitoes that would not allow us any rest.

But then this fact should be an obvious one because the number of obese Nigerians are on the increase and so are the desires to have the situation salvaged.

In Nigeria today the females are the ones with the legitimate claim to what can be described as a serious attempt to get in shape.

But there is a problem with this

Nigerian goals from Nigerian ladies in the country.

And that problem is poverty.

A lot of Nigerians most especially the ladies depend on fast foods which is a source of too much calories and fats.

In other words they eat too much junk foods and get fat in the process.

For a lot of them this preference for junk food is not merely a matter of choice but a matter of financial scarcity.

To survive they just have to feed on what is available no matter the amount of calories, saturated and trans fat , as long as it can fit into their tiny budget

It is the lack of finance that forces them into eating unhealthy and it is for the same reason, they would find it hard to .

For those who might not understand, Nigerian Loss as a phrase is intended to express a weight loss regime that involves the use and deliberate neglect of

Nigerian foods in the whole process.

Thus, these Nigerian Weight Loss goals as represented by the various Nigerians who desire it is an impossibility for the majority due to poverty.

It takes money to buy healthy foods. Money to register at a good gym with an experienced instructor. More money it would take to stock those fruits and vegetables.

So you see, while there is an abundant desire in Nigeria to get fit and loose excess weight, it is an ambition that is hard to fulfil because of lack of finance.

Conclusively every kind of Nigerian Weight Loss goals, long term or short term is nothing without the money to pull through.

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