Why You Shouldn’t Drink Your Vitamins With Coffee

We all like the habit if drinking our tablets with almost whatever our mug contains at that particular moment.

But according to experts that is a very bad health move. One that strips away the desired effects from the tablets.

“The stimulant effects of caffeine mask the result that most people get when they drink,” says Audra Roemer, M.Sc.

Dr. Sarah Brewer, a General Practitioner (GP) and medical nutritionist, said: ‘I don’t advise taking probiotics, vitamin or mineral supplements with tea or coffee.

These drinks contain compounds, which, although beneficial at other times, also bind iron and other minerals to reduce their absorption. “In fact, coffee can reduce iron absorption by up to 80 per cent if drunk within an hour of a meal. Very hot drinks can also inactivate some vitamins, and kill live probiotic bacteria.”

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