Because It Feels Right Does Not Make It Healthy

Life! Decisions or actions (they) make it healthy and that is the basic outline of it all.

Be it a naturally healthy lifestyle, a refusal or acceptance to subject our bodies to certain conditions.

The fact still remains, that our life is a product of our actions and decisions.

So in other words, we are the decisions we make. We are the healthy or unhealthy reality that our actions and decisions brings into being.

Recently I travelled to my village. And for three weeks I would go to bed before 10 pm and not after.

It was a very healthy lifestyle. A healthy sleep pattern that was impossible to maintain in my urban residence.

The dark circles that were the usual appearance of my eyes faded away and even that brought a sense of “all is well”.

Its been three days now, since I came back. And I have unfortunately deprived my body two nights of proper sleep.

I have returned to my nocturnal habit of surfing the internet, YouTube, blogging and video watching.

Make it healthy, Sleep,

With my eyes forced to endure the night hours until after 5 a.m in the morning (most times even 6 a.m would come strolling bye).

And only then would the urge to rest my mind and body, finally obeyed, force my eyelids close.

My actions are now threatening to destroy the healthy gains I made in the village.

It feels right to surf the net, watch videos online but that does not make it healthy.

It feels right to work ourselves out, for the money but making money doest not make it healthy when our system is over laboured.

There are many things we like doing that feels right but are not at all healthy.

Drinking and smoking also falls into that category. No matter the immediate High, the “low” is inevitable.

So check your life. List them things, actions and decisions that feels right but are unhealthy.

Then work towards overcoming the bad habits.

Personally, the battle is on to put sleep first no matter what duty or task is before my table.

I would like you to do the same. To work better instead of too hard (the point where it becomes unhealthy).

Check yourself and make progress by starting today.

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