Habits That Will Ruin Your Weight Loss Plan

Is your weight loss plan in danger?

This is an important question because many times our weight loss plans were already doomed from the beginning without us even knowing.

Of course, the plan included dieting, gym visitations and even eating more vegetables and fruits than you had ever ate in your life prior to the decision to get fit.

But there are few bad choices that might hinder your weight loss plan from the get go.

And that’s what we would be talking about on this post.

1.When Dieting Goes Wrong

A lot of loose weight enthusiasts get  it wrong when it comes to how much food they should and should not be eating.

They restrict their food intake to a drastic minimum but yet offset the benefit with yet another bad diet choice.


Your weight loss plan,

On my last post I talked about how cutting back on our sugar intake can help us maintain a better waist size.

But the sugars we are about to discuss is the liquid kind and it is more dangerous.

A lot of dieters forfeit their actual meals and in comes liquid drinks to help them fill full.

But the truth is most of these liquid drinks are sugar dense.

And they are consumed in large quantities, causing health havoc to our systems.

These sugary liquid drinks can equate as the number one reason why your weight loss plan hasn’t been able to burn them body fats.

So in this case making soft drinks another kind of food group is bad and we are not just talking about sodas.

We are  talking about your fruit juice. That orange juice, those 100-percent natural fruit juices and also sweetened tea.

The sugar in beverages is often highly concentrated and therefore is very easy to consume in very large amounts.

The calories and sugars in a 12 ounces (355 ml) of some popular high-sugar beverages Is as follows:

Soda: 151 calories and 39 grams of sugar (1 ).

Sweetened iced tea: 143 calories and 34 grams of sugar (2 ).

Unsweetened orange juice: 175 calories and 32 grams of sugar (3).

Unsweetened grape juice: 226 calories and 54 grams of sugar (4).

Fruit punch: 175 calories and 42 grams of sugar (5).

Lemonade: 148 calories and 37 grams of sugar (6).

Sports beverage: 118 calories and 23 grams of sugar (7).

As you can see these soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar calories.

And even worse the brain does not register them as it would when consuming those amount of sugar in solid forms.

Thus you end up ingesting too much without actually getting full.

The bottom line is that it would lead to more calorie intake and weight gain.

2. Workouts Becoming Overtraining

Your weight loss plan,

People struggling with over weight issues are told to embrace the gym and work out till the fats starts burning off.

A good advice.

But the truth is a lot of people are visiting the gym and are not coming out any different.

The truth is, they are over training.

Which is a very bad thing and another major reason why your weight loss plan is actually lacking the vital punch.

Overtraining is unhealthy and would do lots of damage to your system.

You become overfatigue because of it and worse.

  1. Overtraining puts your body in continual catabolic state, which can lead to frequent illness.
  2. Overtraining causes Insomnia and we all know that lack of sleep is linked to obesity.
  3. It also cause depression.
  4. Overtraining will kill your fitness goals, you will add more weight, loose muscle and ultimately your self esteem.
  5. Overtraining would seriously halt your progress in the gym.

In order words you must learn to schedule a proper recovery period.

Meaning, you must allow sufficient recovery between workouts, only then would your body provide you with the weight loss and muscle gain you rightly deserve.

This post on Habits That Will Ruin Your Weight Loss Plan was intended to help you in the areas of Dieting and Workouts.

Thus The Summary

  1. Complete your dieting plans by removing soft drinks with high sugar calorie. Water is always better.
  2. Go to the gym but do not overtraining. Give yourself enough time to heal from previous workouts.

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