The Relationship Between Okra And Diabetes 

What is the relationship between and diabetes?

I am guessing most of you are ignorant of what the answer should even look like.

But not to worry. This post is intended to help fill up that gap.

According to studies it seems that okra (Okro) has a positive effect on lowering the levels of diabetic patients.

It is believed the insoluble fibers in okra is the magic stabilising blood glucose by slowing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.

Talking about the relationship between okra and , a particular study has this to say.

“In one study, published 2011 in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences, researchers in India found that diabetic mice fed dried and ground okra peels and seeds experienced a reduction in their blood glucose levels, while others showed a gradual decrease in blood glucose following regular feeding of okra extract for about ten days.”

Okra and diabetes,

A 2005 study from Taiwan published in the journal Planta Medica tested okra in rats with diabetes. Researchers purified a chemical called myricetin from the okra. They gave the rats the solution by IV. The myricetin greatly increased rats’ muscles’ ability to absorb glucose, which in turn reduced their .

A study from Bangladesh was published in the online journal ISRN Pharmaceutics, based in Cairo, Egypt. The study showed that purified okra given to rats orally through a feeding tube slowed glucose getting out of the intestines, which sharply reduced after-meal glucose level spikes.

In a study from India published in the Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences, in 2011 researchers fed diabetic rats powdered okra seed and peel extracts. After up to 28 days of consuming the extracts, the rats showed a significant reduction in levels. Their triglyceride (lipid) levels also returned to near normal.

The issue with these studies is that, all were carried out on animals and none on humans, which means most of us very cautious folks would have to wait until human trial is carried out and a favorable find published.

But if you would like to try it out, then please do and be nice as to give us an update on this site. That way others can be properly guided.

The healthy relationship between okra and diabetes has started forming a new health movement.

Where okra, chopped and soaked in water overnight has become the new diabtetes drink out there.

But you can just chew your a instead of drinking the gooey overnight water.

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