10 Weight Loss With Nigerian Food Facts To Have In Mind

When it comes to achieving Weight loss with Nigerian food as the main diet.

There are sacrifices to be made. And yes! It is possible to loss with a .

But the need for sacrifice is the core of it all.

To get that perfect weight loss with Nigerian food then you must be ready to give up something’s while also taking on new healthy habits.

And those subtraction and addition is what this post is all about.

1. Tea Drinking

You have to make tea drinking a regular part of your feeding schedule.

Just like you see in the movies, tea drinking should become like your past time habit.

Where you take in antioxidants, nutrients and fat burning agents from natural teas (and not Nigerian weight loss teas).

Weight loss with Nigerian food,

Recommend Teas

  • Ginger Tea
  • Lipton Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Mint Tea
  • Chamomile Tea

2. Give Up Certain Foods

A lot of  are carbohydrate dense. And our favorite foods like Eba, Fufu and Pounded Yam are top of the list.

Another factor fighting against Very popular Nigerian foods is that they contain too much in the form of oil and other native ingredients.

So in other to be able to get a proper with Nigerian food then you must be ready to shelve some of them.

The ones with too much oil and carbs.

3. Cut Back On Red Meat

Okay! This one is the  that a lot of Nigerians would desperately love to avoid.

But the truth is meat contains a lot of fat.

When you go to a restaurant it is normal to see a Nigerian chowing up to five heavy lumps of meat with just a meal.

A prescription they would later follow with their next meal.

You can’t with that sort of habit.

Cut back on.the meat intake and you will see changes.

4. Eat More Of White Meat

White meat is more healthier than red meat.

And by white meat, I mean you should feed on chicken rather than beef.

To remove more fat from the chicken, all you have to do is peel of the chicken skin.

That’s where the fats are stored.

Weight Loss with Nigerian food,

5. Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

There are lots of vegetables and fruits in Nigeria.

Learn to make it the bulk of your daily meals.

Vegetables and fruits would give you enough fiber to keep full plus you will get the additional benefits of nutrients and antioxidants that are good for your body.


7. Eat More Nuts

Nuts such as peanuts (ground nuts), cashew, almonds and other edible nuts are filled with good fats.

Make sure that you are getting enough of those.

No matter the kind of nuts, Nigerian local and supermarkets can give you the amount you want.
8. Avoid Soft Drinks

A lot of soft drinks in Nigeria are sugar dense, which you will only get calories from it and going by the number of cans you consume a day, one can say too much calories.

Stay away from Coca Cola products, Viju Milk, Lacasera and others of their kind with nothing but sugar to give.

Too much sugars mean too much calories which also mean too much weight.

9. Cook Your Meals

Eating outside exposes you to all kinds of unhealthy foods.

You are not in charge of the ingredients that goes into the food.

And for this reason ingredients with lots of calories can be mixed into your meals to give it taste and you immediately become a victim.

Cook your meals yourself, that way you will be in charge of what goes into it and since you are all about weight loss.

You will definitely go only after the foods that are good for your health and weight.

10. Use Healthy Oils

In case you do not know. Coconuts and olive oils are among the best oils to use in your kitchen.

Substitute them with the ones you are using at the moment and your body would be the benefactor of their healthy goodness.
Those are the weight loss with Nigerian food facts I believe is worth having at the back of your mind.

Like always part of the core idea behind this Nigerian Health blog is to guide you on your path to a healthy living.

And that is exactly why a post like this was even necessary in the first place.

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