Tramadol Abuse Among Nigerian Youths

Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths is as common as the presence of Nigerian police at checkpoints.

Drug abuse has become a mainstay among teens, to a point where it is now impossible to separate them from the various substances.

Our concern however is with the drug Tramadol.

I remember my days at the university. For most of us it was strictly on , and nothing else.

Our high was a seclusive kind of fun, where it was limited to very few people in an isolated place where we could burn our weed without fear or discrimination.

Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths,

During this period we were considered the bad ones. Not until the reality of campus became clear to us and the abuse of pills and powder, we later discovered were the secret provinces of those who called us (weed smokers) names!

Before this time we were really ignorant about the Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths.

The first time I actually felt it’s effect, was when a gentle friend (you will never suspect him) brought it to our house.

An hour or two later, the feeling of drowsiness takes over. The person becomes dull and slow while talking or walking.

It was as time had become suspended.

It is normal to become incoherent in ones speech. To hallucinate in most cases.

Simply put, when taken  above 200 grams would take you out of this world. You will zone out.

But I never actually liked pills, weed was always my thing.

But through him I was able to discover a sad truth.

That the number of Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths is so huge that its now hard to call anyone innocent on our university campuses.

Girls are now greater victims to it. They take it more than guys. Unlike weed smoking, all you have to do is just swallow.

Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths,

So you will never know. When the effect starts taking it’s toll, its normal for them to say “I am just waking up” or “I have health issues with my eyes”.

But if you have a sibling or child who is always sluggish, always having a bottle of any kind of soft drink in hand, from which they are just sipping the content little by little.

Then chances are, they have mixed Tramadol with it.

It is normal back in school to hear of how Hollandia  mixed with Tramadol made an unsuspecting girl, victim to date rape.

In fact, the mixture of Hollandia Yogurt and Tramadol would make the girl so weak that she would be powerless as the guy takes advantage of her.

So ladies be warned!

Truth be told, date rape is one of the main reason why the number of Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths is ever increasing.

Tramadol has become the magic wand to get a female laid without struggle or refusal.

Even young boys are becoming victims to this kind of issues, as homosexuals are now drugging their victims to gain easy access to their anus.

When it comes to Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths, they take the pill with codeine mixed in any soft drinks.

The pills are sometimes taken directly in overdose or mixed with a bit alcohol.

But what are the of Tramadol?

Let’s begin..
What is tramadol?

Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever. Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain .


  • Tramadol can slow or stop your breathing.
  • Seizures (convulsions).
  • It is addictive.
  • headache, dizziness. drowsiness, tired feeling.
  • constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain.
  • feeling nervous or anxious.
  • itching, sweating, flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling).

My advice to you (Nigerian Youth) do not get addicted to it. Use doctor’s prescription when it comes to Tramadol.

What’s your opinion on this matter?

Do you think Government should restrict the flow of Tramadol in the country?


It is the concern of Nigerian youths, what they do with their lives?

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