What Is A Nigerian Weight Loss Diet?

What do you think makes a Nigerianweight loss diet?

For a lot of people, their imagination starts running wild as images of some exotic dish takes over their minds eye.

But truth be told a Nigerian weight loss diet is not about some secret food recipe.

Nor is it a weight loss wonder that would miraculously help you loose weighy when consumed.

Nigerian Weight Loss diet

These Nigerian  Loss diets are healthy whole foods with minimum calories combined together to give you that perfect weight loss meal.

Simply put, a Nigerian weight loss diet is made up of..

  • Whole Foods
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Natural Weight Loss Teas
  • Lean and White Meats
  • Nuts
  • Water
  • High Fiber Content

It is a combination of foods that would naturally on their own help you loose weight.

The only difference is that you would have to combine them into different meals with different names and sizes.

Don’t allow weight loss blogs out there to tell you otherwise.

Be creative with your healthy meals and what you get out of the mixture is what all these weight loss gurus are calling a Nigerian Weight Loss diet.

It would be wrong to tell you this facts without actually helping you out with some recipes.

Nigerian Weight Loss diet

So here we go.

  1. A bowl of oats mixed with groundnuts and 2 boiled eggs.
  2. A glass of milk, 3 whole bread slices with peanut butter spread.
  3. One boiled potatoes, chicken lap and a pack of plain yogurts.
  4. Plain Boild Rice and avocado
  5. Whole bread and fried eggs with ginger tea.
  6. Fish pepper soup and rice
  7. One boiled plantain with chicken stew
  8. Two moderate fufu with okra soup with lots of pepper for that daily carbs boost.
  9. The list is infinite. All you have to do is mixed healthy foods that are good for your weight.
  10. Three pieces of yam And vegetable sauce
  11. Salad without the cream, use olive oil instead.
  12. 2 roasted plantains with fresh pepper sauce and fish

And then make sure you are eating them in moderate sizes.

Protein would help you stay full. Drinking milk after meals helps me stay full.

Thus I am recommending it for you.

Mixing rice and beans would give you the complete protein your body needs plus eggs is the cheapest complete protein out there, so go for it.

A Nigerian Weight Loss diet is simply a mixture of good foods in moderate portions.

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