When “Health Is Wealth” Is Exactly What It Means

Health is wealth is a common phrase out there.

And for most people it simply means good health is a kind of currency.

One that allows you to live a life free of diseases and pain.

But that phrase “Health Is Wealth” also has another meaning.

It means, a good health is an expensive project.

It could also be seen as “health is wealth related”

For instance, a lot of people in Nigeria are poor and no matter their wish to live , its impossible to accomplish.

Good health means good food, good hygienic practice and sometimes a good gym to make the sweat drop.

All of which involves money!

Some people have the money to spend but are too stingy to do their body the good it deserves.

While the poor man is unable to make the right choices because of financial poverty.

This other set of people are unable to make healthy choices because of poor mentality.

The average Nigerian can hardly meet a three square meal timetable.

Health is Wealth

This scarcity is already a threat to his health.

The bulk of  are made up of carbohydrates as if there are no other needed food groups.

The truth is, that is what they can afford.

What this means is that, “Health Is Wealth” does not apply to the poor.

A healthy living is a luxury a lot of poor people in Nigeria today cannot afford.

To be healthy you have to be ready financially.

For many of the health options out there are tied to a price.

As sad as it may seem, this is the unchanging health reality in the world.

Conclusively, while health is wealth, not everyone it seems is destined for it.

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