More Fats, Less Carbs Could Be What You Need To Live Longer

There is this discrimination when it comes to fat and and rather unfairly seem to get the biggest share of that ostracism.

But a new , published in the journal The Lancet  found that eating more fats is actually healthier than ingesting a bunch of carbs.

It seems a diet made up of few fats but heavy on carbs could lead to a sooner-than-expected death via stroke.

According to STAT News The Internatonal Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study looked at just over 135,000 people across 18 countries, ranging in age from 35 to 70 years old.

And from it was discovered that people with the highest level of fat in their diets — where it made up 35% of their daily — were 23% less likely to have died over the course of the study than their low-fat counterparts who consumed only 10% of their daily calories through fats. Although each group’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease was the same, the high-fat group was less likely to suffer a stroke.

“These results point to the fact that human biology is very similar across the globe,” Harvard School of Public Health doctor Eric Rimm told the news site. “It’s not healthy to eat highly processed no matter where you live.”
Of course the type of fat to go for, is the kind that is derived from avocado and salmon, in general foods in that category.

“One of the most important take-home messages from the PURE study is that bioactive foods that give rise to new plant life, like fruits and seeds, should be an important part of everyone’s diet,” said Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, dean of the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.

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