Foods To Embrace Or Avoid To Enhance Brain Power

We are what we eat! We are the end results of whatever we may have allowed on our plates.

And what we allow on our plates can decide how our is shaped, even our .

Eating certain can really do us some serious good and consequently help us fight such as Alzheimer’s.

A from Rush University Medical Center has shown that what we eat—and avoid—can drastically cut our risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. 

Participants who strictly followed the “MIND Diet” (a combo of Mediter­ranean and DASH diets) were able cut their risk by 53%; even those who followed it loosely were able to lower it by 35%. 

Below are the top foods to include and cut back on.


Red meat: Less than four 3-oz servings per week; Butter and margarine: No more than 1 tbsp daily; Cheese: Less than one serving per week 
Sweets: Less than five servings per week
Fried and fast food: Less than one serving per week.

Eat These

Green leafy vegetables: 1 cup daily
Other vegetables: 1⁄2 cup daily
Nuts: 1/8 cup as a daily snack 
Berries: (strawberries and blueberries): At least two 1⁄2-cup servings a week Beans: At least one 1⁄2-cup serving, 3–4 times a week
Whole grains: Three servings daily (1 serving = 1 slice of bread, or 3⁄4 cup cooked pasta)
Fish: At least one 3-oz serving per week (not shellfish or fried)
Poultry: At least two 3-oz skinless servings per week (not fried)
Olive oil: Use as your primary oil
Wine: One 5-oz glass daily.


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