Africa to get state-of-art HIV drugs for $75 a year

In the fight against the epidemic known as , more and more people should be allowed to have better .

And according to news reports will be getting a power HIV drugs used by the rich and developed countries for as low as $75 per patient a year.
As Bill Gates’ charitable foundation has now guaranteed minimum sales volumes of a new combination pills using dolutegravir, a so-called integrase inhibitor that avoids the drug resistance that often develops with older treatments.

Based on this, the drugmakers, India-based Mylan Laboratories and Aurobindo Pharma , will agree the maximum price of about $75 per patient for a year’s supply – less than the list price for one day’s supply of a dolutegravir combination in the United States.

The agreement, will make the treatment available to 92 poor countries, starting in Africa.
“We need to make that guarantee because (of) the fixed costs of everybody gearing up to make high volume,” Gates told Reuters in a telephone interview. “That just wasn’t going to happen unless we put forward a very substantial volume guarantee.”
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s pledge is a central plank of a new partnership – the largest of its kind in global – that also includes the governments of South Africa and Kenya, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and American, British and U.N. agencies.
Photo Credit: Reuters ( Justina Kabuli and her 12-year-old son Andrew, both HIV-positive, remove weeds from their field of sweet potato crops )

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