Being Overweight Can Do Serious Damage To Your Sperm

Natural Health Blog: Being Overweight Can Do Serious Damage To Your Sperm.

Are you overweight? I guess you are not to happy about your waist size?

You should be.

When it comes to our body size (overweight) and our sperm. The result is not at all juicy.

Too much extra weight was linked to a:

  • Lower volume of semen
  • A lower sperm count
  • Lower sperm concentration.
  • Poor sperm mobility 
  • Poor sperm quality which means lower chances if conception

    “It’s known that obese women take longer to conceive,” said lead researcher Dr. Gottumukkala Achyuta Rama Raju, from the Center for Assisted Reproduction at the Krishna IVF Clinic, in Visakhapatnam. “This study proves that obese men are also a cause for delay in conception,” he added.

    “Parental obesity at conception has deleterious effects on embryo health, implantation, pregnancy and birth rates,” Rama Raju explained.

    “About one-third of men in the United States are obese,” said Dr. Avner Hershlag, chief of Northwell Health Fertility in Manhasset, N.Y.
    “Along with the growing obesity trend, there has been a steady decline in sperm quality,” Hershlag said. “The findings in this study, while not specifically related to infertility, represent a trend towards a decline that is worrisome.”
    “The message to men is don’t continue to abuse your body,” Hershlag said. “Comfort foods and excess alcohol are bound to make you uncomfortable and put you at a higher risk for diabetes ,

    high blood pressure and heart disease, which are all life-shortening, and may also put a damper on your path to fatherhood.”

    For the study, Rama Raju and his colleagues used computer-aided sperm analysis to assess the sperm of 1,285 men. Obese men, they found, had fewer sperm, a lower concentration of sperm and inability of the sperm to move at a normal speed, compared with the sperm of men of normal weight.

    Moreover, the sperm of obese men had more defects than other sperm. These defects included defects in the head of the sperm, such as thin heads and pear-shaped heads.

    SOURCES: Gottumukkala Achyuta Rama Raju, M.B.B.S., Center for Assisted Reproduction, Krishna IVF Clinic, Visakhapatnam, India; Avner Hershlag, M.D., chief, Northwell Health Fertility, Manhasset, N.Y.; Nachum Katlowitz, M.D., director, urology, Staten Island University Hospital, Staten Island, N.Y.; Sept. 19, 2017, Andrologia , online

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