Depletion Of Estrogen During Menopause Can Trigger Alzheimer’s

As it is already, menopause in itself already have its own serious issues but we can now add Alzheimer’s to that annoying list.

According to neuroscientists, depleting levels of estrogen during menopause can cause a decline in a key neuroprotective element in the female brain, which then raises their risk of developing the disease.

“Our findings show that the loss of oestrogen in menopause doesn’t just diminish fertility. It also means the loss of a key neuroprotective element in the female brain and a higher vulnerability to brain ageing and Alzheimer’s disease,” said lead author Lisa Mosconi, Associate Professor at the Cornell University in the US.

“We urgently need to address these problems because, currently, 850 million women worldwide are entering or have entered menopause,” Mosconi said, in the paper published in the journal PLoS One.
“This study suggests there may be a critical window of opportunity, when women are in their 40s and 50s, to detect metabolic signs of higher Alzheimer’s risk and apply strategies to reduce that risk,” Mosconi said.
What is then recommended is that women go for antioxidants to protect their brain activity and mitochondria, as well as other means of maintaining oestrogen levels.

Flaxseed is a good source of antioxidants that can also help boost estrogen production.

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