Health: My Personal Experience With Sleep Deprivation

To have a perfect one must have a balanced routine. Sleep is that method to remain sane in today’s crazy world.

Being part of a crazy world means one must sometimes despite our best judgement make unhealthy choices just to make ends meet.

As a health blogger I am well aware of the dangers of especially when extended over a very long period.

But even the best of us sometimes fail not because of lack of knowledge but because of that natural tendency to take risk even when it means putting our health at jeopardy.

So, for some days now I have been burning the night candle, trying to meet deadlines at the expense of my health.

And one bad consequence that has become quite obvious is the decline of my .

In summary

  • I feel very distracted
  • Always confuse and forgetful

While there are other consequences when it comes to sleep deprivation, the mental area is what I am mostly concerned with.

I mean, my mind kept drifting off and taking too much time to recollect things. I had become even more less productive.

And these symptoms were all I needed to STOP!

Now I am on the journey to recovery. Taking afternoon nap is part of the recovery process as well while my 8 hours night rest remains a top priority.

Our health depends on how much time we give to our beds and I am writing this, so that you know its not worth it, loosing sleep so as to cover more work miles.

Eventually you will become the opposite of production even as you face a serious mental decline.

Stay healthy by sleeping healthy and all shall be well with your mental health.

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