2 Natural Ways To Be Healthy (active and hygiene)

Yesterday I talked about 2 natural ways to be and on that article the focus was on sleep and water.
Two essential commodities that humanity is sadly not getting enough of, and which when acquired in its deserve measures are two of the most amazing natural ways to be healthy.

Today’s post which is simply the part 2 of the post mentioned above will be dwelling on being and clean.

1. Stay Active

Staying active is the first among the two natural ways to be healthy, that we shall be discussing and I hope you are ready.

Man has always been on the move, searching for food, seeking out safety. It was a sort of nomadic life experience that always had them living an active life.

It was their exercise, it was the surest way to keep fit and it was efficient at that purpose.

Today’s man is now more about sitting, staying too long at one fixed body position which is really unhealthy for us.

As a specie we have have evolved to stand upright, on the move and to be always active, a pattern that current human lifestyle don’t generally encourage.

According to Heart.org

“The American Heart Association recommends at least 150-minutes of moderate activity each week.”

Man has so deviated from the norm that it is now part of medical duty reminding them to at least stay active for at least up to two hours a week.

A small amount of time compared to what out nomadic ancestors use to log on any average day.

The idea of staying active and healthy is the basis for the various gym sessions and routines.

So in other words staying active is one of the various natural ways to stay healthy that works, and that has been proven through human history to do just that.

In case you are not yet sold, below are the to be derived from staying active.

  • Physical activity boosts mental wellness.
  • Physical activity improves physical wellness.
  • Physical activity prolongs your optimal health.
  • Improves blood circulation, which reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Keeps weight under control
  • Helps in the battle to quit smoking
  • Improves blood cholesterol levels
  • Prevents and manages high blood pressure
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Boosts energy level
  • Helps manage stress
  • Releases tension
  • Promotes enthusiasm and optimism
  • Counters anxiety and depression
  • Helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly
  • Improves self-image
  • Increases muscle strength, increasing the ability to do other physical activities
  • Provides a way to share an activity with family and friends
  • Reduces risk of developing CHD/CVD by 30-40 percent
  • Reduced risk of stroke by 20 percent in moderately active people and by 27 percent in those who are highly active
  • Establishes good heart-healthy habits in children and counters the conditions (obesity, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels, poor lifestyle habits, etc.) that lead to and stroke later in life
  • Helps delay or prevent chronic illnesses and diseases associated with aging and maintains quality of life and independence longer for seniors

    I therefore gauranty you, that just by getting yourself physically active then you stand the chance of escaping a lot of health issues troubling mankind today.

    So what are you waiting for? Locate your nearest gym or rather go jogging.


    Try as much as possible to always be in an upright position. Don’t sit down all the time (or be on your backs all day). Walk around, be active.
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    2. Stay Clean (hygiene) 

    There is a saying,“cleanliness is next to godliness” and when interpreted it means exactly that, depending how it was interpreted.

    When we are clean inside and out, we actually become more than human. To be human these days is to be sickly and frail and that picture does not at all resemble our godly source.

    Our body is a vehicle, a machine that operates by the principle of “garbage in and garbage out.”

    We need to provide this vehicle with the best engine oil, fuel and maintenance that money can buy.

    But sadly enough, that is not the situation on ground as humans do little for their body especially when compared to how well the gadgets and material things in their lives are well pampered and reverenced.

    Learn to clean your body as when due. Make sure that what goes in is also clean as well.

    It goes beyond just your personal hygiene. What you eat and drink should also count.

    Smoking and drinking should also be considered unclean and be avoided as much as possible.

    Applying to your daily routines would help shelter you from.

    • Body Odor
    • Bad Breath
    • Dental Diseases
    • Skin and Health Diseases
    • General Diseases

    Cleanliness is one of the most important natural ways to be healthy, so essential that not applying this rule to your life almost immediately begins to ruin your appearance and health.

    Water for both internal and external cleansing should be made a priority in your life if you really need to stay healthy.

    There is no way around cleanliness. You either embrace it or risk having your health in jeopardy.

    internally, water will help you keep dehydration at bay. Dehydration can lead to an increased risk of obesity, affiliated with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer, among many others. 

    So be warned!

    Regularly drinking water speeds up our metabolism and makes us feel more “full” while promoting good physical, mental, and emotional health.
    So if you really want a healthy life then water cleanliness is one of the best natural ways to be healthy and that’s a fact.

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