HIV In Nigeria 2018 And Beyond

HIV IN Nigeria

HIV in is now following a terrible trend that is nothing more but a deliberate motive to instigate pains and a wild spread of the by a growing number of young Nigerians who now feel there is nothing to live for.

Personal experience and contact with some of these newly infected teenagers is the reason I decided to write this post.

In Nigeria today there is an alarming rising tradition of HIV infected teens under their 20’s who are now out against the world living life according to a pattern that says “we don’t care that others will get infected but we are going out there, having our fun, having unprotected and spreading the virus like its no man’s business”.

HIV in Nigeria with these uneducated and reckless teenagers might increase the odds against us a s people in our battle against one of the most deadliest epidemic to have ever hit the continent and Nigeria in Particular.

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I reside in Bayelsa state. Over here the issue of street cults is a reality that is almost as frightening as those nightmarish episodes when our beds become the gateway to a most dreadful fear and mental paralysis that even the best of us are nothing but victim to.

The issue to these cults is that, there is an initiation involved that warrants sex orgy among members. And according to insider report this sex moments are carried out without any form of protection. I know a girl of sixteen who is already infected with the virus, has a one year old baby in hand and despite the best effort of family and friend has abandoned her child, return to her cult gang which is nothing but a motor running organized prostitution and from anywhere in Nigeria to their new Haven which is Ghana.

These teenagers are spreading the virus fast, among a younger age bracket than is usual. Teenagers of 15 years are now getting infected deliberately by their own friends; in anger they are now also out there spreading the virus, cutting short the life’s inspirations of countless others.

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This is the state of HIV in Nigeria. The spread of a terrible disease not because of lack of knowledge, but because of anger and wickedness.

This is HIV in Nigerian and what it promises to be in the coming years. Sex has fallen into the domain of a younger age group, a threat to what tomorrow holds for us all.

Personally I feel the various organizations now aiding in the rehabilitation of those infected should go beyond just giving out drugs.

The girl I mentioned above has taken to the streets, embraced her former cult members because of the hunger she had to go through trying to be better. Confronted by hunger she is now out there doing whatever her gang deems the program.

And for that reason alone, many will get infected.

Most of these young infected Nigerian female teenagers believe that their life has reached an end. This belief is now the basis for the heightened organized prostitution they are part of.

People should be warned! People should be aware that now more than ever the need for protected sex is top priority that should never be discarded.

It is only by being cautious and being aware that we can really create a .

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