Exposure To Air Pollution Linked To Bad Behaviours Among Teens

Air pollution is every where, no one is immune to it. But it seems there is more to this health hazard than we know.

According to a new research might be fueling teenage delinquency.

US scientists have found a link between exposure to higher levels of sooty particles from vehicle exhausts and bad behaviours, including theft, vandalism, arson and .
Accorung to Mirror:

The was carried out on 682 children in Greater Los Angeles from the age of nine until the age of 18.

Lead researcher Dr Diana Younan, from the University of Southern California’s Keck School of , said: “These tiny, toxic particles creep into your body, affecting your lungs and your heart.

“Studies are beginning to show exposure to various air pollutants also causes inflammation in the .

“PM2.5 is particularly harmful to developing brains because it can damage brain structure and neural networks and, as our study suggests, influence adolescent behaviours.”

The study, published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, identified higher PM2.5 pollution levels near major roads and in neighbourhoods with limited green space and few trees.

More delinquent behaviour was seen from boys, African-Americans, and teenagers from poorer socio-economic backgrounds, and who had little access to city parks.

Levels of bad behaviour were magnified when children did not have good relationships with their parents, lived with depressed mothers, or came from stress-ridden homes.

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