Health Blogs In Nigeria

Health blogs in is without mincing words one of the hardest blogging genre there is.

And I believe the only way we can make it, especially with the many high authority blogs internationally, is when we come together.

Together we can form SEO group, through which issues of guest post and backlinks can be discussed and implemented.

The truth is no blogger can make it alone. Sometimes all we need for that needed break through is a high traffic health blog willing to allow space for guest posts that will tunnel traffic back to the authors own blog.

I have had offers in recent times from high authority health blogs from oversea that wants to help me through links and guest posts and expects me to return the favour but through the offering of value.

But that is not the case with a lot of health blogs in Nigeria.

They are snobbish and most of them would do anything to not work with you. All they think about is to win but not all of us wants to compete.

Some of us just want to grow and make a living out of blogging and health matters.

We don’t care about titles but just want to make connections, that adds value to our lives and hustle.

The habit of having a guest post on your blog and then making all the links back to the authors page a nofollow should stop.

All the health blogs in Nigeria and by extension, the bloggers need one another to really make it on the internet.

With that said, you can link me up on Whatsapp +2347065016657 

Let’s do things as health bloggers and grow together.

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Felix Brambaifa is a writer and blogger from Nigeria. The founder of Naturally Healthy People and other niche blogs.

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