New Year’s Resolution and The Desire To Be More Healthy

To build a , living as a concept must be institutionalized world over as the most basic of human standards.

And one time every year, that people are psychologically prepared to start all over again, is the start of the New Year.

It is that time when humans make lists according to the internal need for change and improvement.

Like every other human I also was able to draft out a list of my own. And it is not about prosperity and things like that.

It was directly all about A Better Health for the new year and beyond.

Most people don’t fully appreciate the phrase . A life is the basis of growth and prosperity in life.

But sadly, a lot of people go into the new year without a planned route to a more healthier life.

They skip it and not surprisingly these group of humans are the ones who end up bagging up avoidable health issues all year round.

To survive is a basic instinct and so should the need to perfect our health or standard of living health wise.

And that is one serious reason why health targets should be top priority on our New Year Resolution List.

But it is never too late to do the right thing. Never too late to make a needed change. Never too late to put your health first.

So let’s talk about the kind of health bullet points we need to make this new year.

Basically the aim is to be more healthier than we were last year and as such anything or practice that helps us do that is fine.

Personally below are my own health resolution for this year.

  • Eat Less process carbs. I need to cut down on the excess body weight or risk getting diabetes and the many others.
  • Eat More Protein: As a male the need to build muscles is a very obvious one. And protein is my best bet when it comes to that.
  • Meditate: I want this year to be about mental clarity over everything else. Because the mind is truly the source of true health. I will take time out to clean my subconscious mind.
  • Sleep A lot: 2017 was the year I really became more sleep conscious and in this year it will be my most respected practice.
  • Make a regular part of my life. To make the resting intervals between fasts short and regular.
  • Belong to a religious group. Religion as the opium to the masses is exactly just that. It soothes out the rough edges of life through faith and belief which is good for an healther mind.

    Those are the health resolution for the year 2018 that I made and feel strongly can help you as well.

    The desire to be healthy should be our most basic automated response to life on earth.

    Life is not life at its best until living becomes all about health.

    Stay tuned!

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