Tramadol Abuse In Nigeria

Tramadol abuse in Nigeria is as real as the corruption that has eaten deep into the fabric of the nation and now threatens to destroy us all from within.

Tramadol abuse in Nigeria is not without its reasons and this post is intended to pour some light on why a lot of Nigerian youths are now becoming more of drug addicts than young visionaries.

Tramadol abuse among Nigerian youths for most of us started because of the need to survive. To cope, to not be consumed by the hard circumstances we had found ourselves.

1. Hunger

Tramadol was a scary drug at first but when friends became it’s biggest fan and experimentation base, it was only a matter of time before we were also into the habit.

But there was a kinda valid reason why we later decided to follow the campus trend.

Tramadol abuse in Nigeria,


Yep! Frequently bombarded by friends about how tramadol could help us stay without food for long hours, we decided to try and the rest is history.

Tramadol abuse in Nigeria at its current height is necessitated by the desire to quench hunger.

That was the basic reason why my friends and I decided to join the drug abuse moment.

You drink 200 mg and one would be given the strength to suppress hunger from morning till the evening hours without much trouble.

It was a valid reason but was wrong still. Many are still hooked on the pills for the same reason, after all this is Nigeria and hunger is always around.

2. Sex Drive

The second reason for tramadol abuse in Nigeria is because of the sex drive that comes with it.

When taken hours before sex, it settles into our system and we become nothing less but porn stars for the simple reason of unnatural man power.

The sex is great and we are able to get the longest one round of our lives, that when divided can easily measure to an average male three round sex marathon.

In fact this is the biggest reason for tramadol abuse in Nigeria at the moment.

3. The Altered State

A lot of Nigerians wants to escape reality. To zone off into another realm not as scary as this Nigeria that has become enemy to the ordinary man.

Life is difficult and tramadol promises to help the suffer that is bold to abuse it enough, become turned off from this realm.

But the truth is like other substance abuse the escape will always be a temporary one.


These are the top 3 reasons why there is an increasing rate of tramadol abuse in Nigeria.

Some States are already making laws to frustrate the sell and distribution of tramadol.

In fact it is already way to scarce at the moment in my area.


Tramadol abuse is bad. Stop it! Get your life back!

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