Is Nigerian Pepper Soup Healthy?

Is Nigerian Healthy?

As a Nigerian do you think our Nigerian pepper soup is healthy?

A lot of people eat stuffs but hardly make attempts to know what they are actually allowing into their system.

And while it might not matter for most, there are people out there who are curious and would like to read on the matter and this post is for them.

The Nigerian pepper soup is dependent on the ingredients use. On whether it is fish or meat, fresh pepper or dry or even tomatoes.

But one fact to lay out there before we even start listing out different factors is. It is safe to state that the Nigerian pepper soup is as long as the ingredients are picked up with in mind.

To answer the question “is Nigerian pepper soup healthy?” We must come to agree with the simple fact that It All Boils down to ingredients.

Nigerian pig pepper soup is a delicious soup but it contains too much fat.

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The too much fat becomes the reason why it is healthy when taken in large quantity.

Change the pig meat to dried steak and the health bar increases.

Change the meat to fish and the health meter will increase even more.

In other words it is the ingredients used that determines the health value of the Nigerian pepper soup.

It is basically about boiled peppers, and other added ingredients that are nutritious and healthy.

Is Nigerian pepper soup healthy?,
1. Cold

I can vividly remember how my mum would cook pepper soup with only dried prawns whenever I am  down with fever.

The soup has always been a miracle worker in the area of cold as the pepper soup when consumed immediately begins to heat up the body.

And before you know it the cold is already on its heels.
2. Nutritious

There are lots of spices that goes into the making of pepper soup. From African nutmeg to .

All of them included not for fancy but for specific health reasons, especially because of the nutritional health value they carry.

3. Good Source of Antioxidants

The unripe plantains, the fresh fish, the palm oil that is served along side the main meal will give you valuable antioxidants that are good for your health.


Like I early said the health value of pepper soup depends on the ingredients involved.

When you use then you will surely get a healthy soup.

The more healthy ingredients that you use the more healthier it becomes.

As for the pepper that is the base of it all. It is safe and very beneficial to our body.

If anyone should ask “is Nigerian pepper soup healthy?”.

I hope you say YES!

Because that is the truth.

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