Healthy Masturbation For Men

Is there any such thing as “ for men”?

Personally, that is another waste of words with an empty relevance to a healthy male living. If there is a healthy masturbation for men module then it is another way to get men to abuse themselves in a most dangerous way.

Masturbation is one of them general male secret life that a lot of boys are introduced to, while growing up. One, some eventually outgrow but others fall prey to and consequently become victims to lack of confidence and porn .

The simple truth is, masturbation will destroy your sex life. That is the bullet fact of the whole matter. Just allow it sink deep into your mind and you would realize masturbation is a bad habit that men should be discouraged from as addiction to other  dangerous habits is imminent when we start making masturbation a usual dish on our life’s menu.

There is this mental structure to human experience. One that describes how something looses value and productivity the moment it becomes a common ground to constant interaction. a wear and tear effect. your every now and then and it soon becomes less capable in doing its actual job of Love Making, which masturbatory abuse has created.

Abstain from using your penis except when it is time for some body to body love making between consenting adults and you would be grateful that you did.

Masturbation is very addictive and when that happens, the following promises to follow through.

1. Lose of Testosterone

2. Low Sex Drive

3. Less Attractive

4. Baldness

5. Erectile Dysfunction

The long list of disadvantages is way too long to be a convenient addition to this post.  But one fact that is the center of this post is that “masturbation should be avoided” no matter the touted benefits. Because once you get addicted to the habit then prepare to lead a life that is completely not in sync with how a mans life should be.

For a lot of people that has already fallen to the lie ” a healthy masturbation for men  benefits”, the regret is now an ongoing one.

They are now on a constant repeat of abstaining and failing, an endless recycle of  regrets that involves the bed room struggle to stay erect and have proper sex.

My candid advice is this, don’t become a victim to the evils of masturbation because that is one rabbit hole that is often too deep to ever come out from. So why get addicted to such a destructive habit despite being warned (that’s what i am doing).

If you allow yourself get hooked then its already in your future that you would become like the many online looking for home remedies for weak erection because masturbation will surely take you that low.

Try within your power to abstain or rather not get addicted to masturbation and i promise you that there are various wonderful health benefits of sex that would really be worth your pleasure receptors

So my advice!

Stay away from masturbation and addiction to this bad bad habit.

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