Castor Oil For Constipation, Does It Work?

Castor oil for constipation

Castor oil for for a lot of people might be considered as another one of those that don’t work but one, peoples wishful thinking wont allow to be abandoned. If you are one of those persons then i am here to clear your doubt.

To tell you what i know based on my experience with the wonders of for constipation asĀ  a home remedy that does actually work.

I actually wrote an article on this matter last year. It was my first time using castor oil for constipation and the relief it brought was like a much needed miracle. i was going through weeks of acute pains. It was really terrible.

We are now in 2018 and i am writing this particular post on castor oil not for the first time but for the second time, but this time time around it is all about telling you that it works every time. I have used it multiple times and each i did, it worked.

And i am actually recommending castor oil for those moments when constipation becomes too much hurdle to jump across. This oil will help you do just that with a natural ease.

Take it first thing in the morning. Take two table spoonful of the oil on an empty stomach. And just wait for it to start working.

In no time it will start upsetting your stomach. Your stomach will start to churn like a cement mixer machine and before you know it, the need to visit the bathroom will come knocking.

Your stool will be watery and soft. it will come out without much effort on your part.

But my advice is that, don,t hurry to the toilet immediately after taking it or immediately when your start experiencing strong bowel movements.

Give it more time to work it wonders, that way when you finally visit the toilet, what you will pass out would be watery stool that would make you thank God for “Anal Mercies” lol!

Personally the one among the many natural stool softeners that i have read about, castor oil for constipation is the one that experience has shown me that truly works.

As i experiment with other i will make sure to keep all of you updated.

As to whether it works, yes it does.



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