The Botanical Name of Bitter Leaf Plant

The bitter leaf plant is a favorite evergreen in Nigeria. But only few knows the Botanical Name of Bitter Leaf plant.

So this post is basically intended to fill up that knowledge gap. To tell you the Botanical Name of Bitter plant.

And the Name=Vernonia Amygdalina

According to Wikipedia

Several species of Vernonia , including
V. calvoana , V. amygdalina , and
V. colorata , are eaten as leaf vegetables. Common names for these species include bitterleaf , onugbu in the Igbo language , ewuro and ndole . They are common in most West African and Central African countries. They are one of the most widely consumed leaf vegetables of Nigeria , where the onugbu soup is a local delicacy of the Igbo people , and of
Cameroon, where they are a key ingredient of Ndolé . The leaves have a sweet and bitter taste. They are sold fresh or dried , and are a typical ingredient in egusi soup .

Vernonia amygdalina is well known as a medicinal plant with several uses attributed to it, including for diabetes , fever reduction, and recently a non-
pharmaceutical solution to persistent fever, headache, and joint pain associated with AIDS (an infusion of the plant is taken as needed). These leaves are exported from several African countries and can be purchased in grocery stores aiming to serve African clients. The roots of
V. amygdalina have been used for gingivitis and toothache due to its proven antimicrobial activity.

I hope the above info was able to serve its purpose?

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