Can Bitter Leaf Cure Diabetes?

When it comes to the question ” can bitter leaf cure diabetes?”. A lot of nigerians would quickly say yes!

It is that one plant that comes to mind when either diabetes or malaria is the health issue to be attended to.

You hear of the plant in almost all traditional health centers and it is a constant medicinal reference in the houses of those still fascinated by the wonders of the natural path.

I have ab Aunty who drinks the bitter leaf juice for diabetes and if you investigate the inside of her fridge this very instant you would surely meet a 4 litres gallon of the bitter brew.

Medically both type 1 and 2 diabetes dont have a cure yet but as a condition it can be properly managed, and this is where bitter leaf juice comes in.

Can bitter leaf cure diabetes,

Now to the question “can bitter leaf cure diabetes?” medically the answer is a No! Traditionally, the answer is Yes!

The usage of bitter leaf for diabetes is mainly a traditional method even though science is now looking at its medicinal properties and silently saying yes to its usage.

A lot of people here in Africa and Nigeria in particular would readily attest to its efficacy.

They have become the direct experimentation, with a resounding voice and belief in the evergreen plant.

What Do I Think?

I think bitter leaf for diabetes is a management tool (which is very obvious ). It helps to contain the situation.

When it comes to diabetes what bitter leaf does is.:

  • It helps to significantly reduce sugar levels.
  • Helps repair the pancreas for better insulin regulation.
  • Cleanse and maintains the liver as well as the kidneys.

When combined with proper diet and exercise , bitter leaf becomes more effective at its job.


As to the question “can bitter leaf cure diabetes? “. The answer is a Yes and No, depending on how you look at it, from either the medical or traditional perspective.

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