Malaria In Nigeria, A Tale Of Death That Never Ends

Malaria in Nigeria is still a matter of life and death and the way things are at the moment, that fact is not changing anytime soon.

The wailing woke almost everyone and in no time at all the neighbourhood was engulfed with whispers of sadness and grief.

“Malaria killed him” was the general agreement.

A sad truth too bitter to swallow. But one, that as Nigerians we are now accustomed to.

Malaria in Nigeria is sometimes a death sentence. Because ours is a country where malaria drugs is still a medical necessity poverty wont allow within the reach of majority of Nigerians.

He died from Malaria because he was just too poor to afford drugs.

Such pathetic stories are constantly being peddled around and such stories are no fiction.

They are as real as the mosquitoes that wont allow us breathing space.

So to my fellow Nigerians, try as much as possible to start taking malaria seriously.

STOP saying to yourself that it can be treated at home. That you can rely on lemon grass and bitter leaf when you dont know how serious the malaria has become or if some other ailment has also taken root.

Try as much as possible to go for medical check up and by knowing what is really wrong with you, you can then decide what treatment to go for, especially when your only option is the natural remedy route.

STOP allowing mosquitoes to breed round your house. Dislodge any stagnant water, clear any nearby bush or grasses.

In other words keep your environment clean. Because Malaria in Nigeria Kills.

And for those who have the money but are too stingy to spend even on themselves, Malaria is no joke and can get you killed when left untreated.

As for the government of the day, they should build more better hospitals and equipments that really works.

And also endeavour to upgrade the current Nigerian Health insurance scheme.

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